Videos the heart of entertainment <p>Today we’re announcing the acquisition of Calamares and it’s great to see the enthusiasm surrounding this release. Our messaging is around being able to connect with customers anywhere, anytime and any channel, which we internally call Pervasive Engagement Management. Through buying a rich media management company, we will be able to create a much more memorable customer experience, which links into the customer touch points in other channels.</p> <p>Take retail for example, you can go into a store showing a new BBQ set, perfect for this early summer weather we have. You can then have a video in the store highlighting the BBQ range, with a QR link on screen, any shopper with a smartphone can scan in the QR link and you can download relevant information like BBQ recipes. Great fun. But it means for us that we can join the dots between offline and online brand experience.</p> <p>It even has impact on some of the work I’ve recently done. To support our new messaging with the Tridion 2011 I created 6 new videos on Extreme Brand Management, Global Web Content Management, Multi-channel marketing (youtube.com/sdltridionworld) and the like, but being part of a global company, I also wanted to have these videos in multiple languages: French, German, Spanish, Japanese etc. It required lots of voiceovers, synch etc. This takes a lot of time to review, record, approve etc. So much easier now with Calamares and we can do a lot more in house. This bodes well as I’d like to create so more fun videos!</p> <p>Hopefully soon we’ll have some case studies, when we can see how corporations have benefited from using videos and rich media…</p>

Nicola Meinders

marketer, mother and chocolate advocate

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